Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dell Tech Support

We've been having a weird bug with the new computer (Dell Inspiron 2305). The screen would randomly turn off while we're using the computer and nothing will bring it back. The only solution so far has been to hold down the power button to turn off the computer then restarting it again. I think this has happened 3x in the last month.

Since it takes forever to "talk" to anyone live, I'm on a Tech Support chat with CLKsmb_Allan_18863 at Dell. I started the chat at 9:17am... it's now 9:33am and so far we've determined that I don't have a laptop, and we need to run diagnostics. During the chat, he had to go and find the manual.

The diagnostic is a pre-boot diag which means I have to turn off the computer. Great... hopefully I don't have to tell the next guy my computer is not a laptop.


So far, there's no errors but the rest of the diagnostics will take ~30 minutes. The tech support guy tried to sell me extra warranty at the end of the chat. How'bout getting the computer to work first before trying to take more of my money?!

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