Monday, September 8, 2008

Fantasy Football, A New Season

This year, I'm only in two fantasy football leagues. The $100 keeper league fell apart as two people are no longer with Broadcom and no one wanted to step up and be commissioner this year. Too bad... I would have got to keep Tom Brady from last year. Out of the two leagues, I'm 1-1 for week 1. More importantly, I won in the league that has money on the line. :)


Oh no! I just read that Tom Brady has a torn ACL. I got so many points off him last year that I thought about picking him up again. Thankfully, I got lousy draft positions in both leagues and decided to auto-draft. The computer drafted Frank Gore in round 1 then Reggie Wayne in round 2; the two of them accounted for 46% of my points in week 1.

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