Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chengdu Trip #6 - Chengdu Day 3

Today is a "work" day at PMI. I took a taxi from my friend's apartment to the university to catch a ride to work. I finally got on one of the newer Volkswagon Jetta taxis. The fare rate is the same but the meter starts off at RMB7 instead of RMB5. The ride is a bit nicer but not sure if it's worth the extra RMB2. Last time I was here was a week after the huge Wenchuan earthquake. Since then, they've moved into the offices and planning on moving the equipment from the old factory in this week.

Leon's office. As soon as I got here, I closed the doors and turned on the A/C. It's pretty hot and muggy today in Chengdu.


Since the new factory has a kitchen and dining area, they have been cooking lunch on-site. Right now, there are only 8 or 9 people in the office and only the cook and the security guard (married couple) are living here. After we move the equipment from the old factory over here this week, some of the workers will start living here as well.

Kitchen on the 3rd floor. That's the largest wok I've ever seen.

There were four dishes plus soup plus rice for lunch. The squash was grown at the factory site as well as the vegetables in the soup. Not sure if we want to advertise that to our customers.

My lunch. The metal tray was a bit weird... felt like I was in prison or something.

2nd floor bathrooms. It's pretty nice. I hope that's not where all my investment went.

Out of the 5 stalls in the men's bathroom, there was only one sit-down toilet; the rest were squatties. I told Leon that they need to put our names on the door.

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