Sunday, October 7, 2007

More Church

Today was a crazy day at church. I was scheduled to play bass so I showed up at 7:30am. There's always a chance that the staff at Wilshire Theater won't show up Sunday morning and it happened today. In addition, there is a production of Julius Caesar that's ongoing so there is a huge set blocking half the stage and the sound board/inputs are all messed up. It took us until 9:15am to finish setting up; we didn't get a chance to run through any of the songs.

What's worse, someone stole one of the 18" drivers out of our left subwoofer. They didn't take the entire subwoofer; they removed the grill, unscrewed one of the speaker cones, and replaced the grill! Like we weren't going to notice a 18" hole in the subwoofer. Since low frequency sound waves are omnidirectional, I don't think any can tell the difference between 3 and 4 18" speakers. Anyway, now I need to go source a replacement.

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