Sunday, October 21, 2007

Earth, Wind and Fire

No, not the music group. Today has been a bad weather day. The Santa Ana winds started picking up around noon. Everything was fine this morning but by the 2nd service, the wind started blowing over the tents we set up for church. There was a lot of dust in the air and everything was a bit hazy... kind of reminded me of Chengdu.

Due to the wind and dry weather, there are several fires burning. The news is showing a large fire in Canyon Country which is around Santa Clarita. I also heard from someone at church that two out of three border crossings with Mexico was closed due to fire; it took him 5 hours to get across. Finally, there is a fire north of Irvine that's burned 3,800 acres. This is actually quite close to home and the air is thick with smoke and ash. The wind is supposed to continue until Tuesday.

The weird thing with Santa Ana winds is that it will gust up to 60 miles/hour in a narrow corridor. We get some of it in Costa Mesa but it actually follows the 5 freeway in a northwest direction. I talked to Leon earlier tonight and there has been no wind in Torrance.

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