Monday, April 3, 2006

UCLA Losing

UCLA is sucking right now, down 63-49 with 3:31 left to go.

I'm going to blame Leon for the loss.


hogsman said...

You must've been watching the game, too (it's your fault) -- I agonized through the whole thing. However, considering that UCLA wasn't expected to get to the Final Four until at least next year, this season should be considered an overachieving success. They were ranked #18 in the preseason and finished tied for #7 in the final season poll (published weeks ago), so they exceeded expectations.

How's that for rose-colored glasses? :)

totochi said...

I got home at half-time and watched most of the 2nd half. I pretty much gave up at about 5:00 minutes left in game and got up to take a nap.