Wednesday, April 5, 2006


It's raining again; I don't remember it raining this much in SoCal. It's times like this that living in an apartment sucks. At least the walkpaths were not all flooded like last week.

I just got home from work. I was planning on going back to the house to put away the trash bins but it was too late to drive an hour round-trip. I'm still short-staffed and work is piling up since it's quarter end. I spent all afternoon and evening struggling with an Access database that I create last summer to calculate third-party royalty payments. I guess when you step back, the whole process is quite meaningless. We pay millions of dollars in royalties each quarter which we use in part to make millions more. I know all this impacts people's lives, including mine since I get a paycheck, but it just seems so detached from actually accomplishing anything of significance.

Maybe I'm just depressed now that I have no goals in life. It's been five or six weeks since I moved here and I still haven't put stuff away. It's just easier to step over stuff than to plan on where to store everything. I was going to look at some work stuff but I think I'll eat some ice cream and go to sleep.

The ogura (red bean) ice cream is really good; not so sure about the green tea one

Sigh... the rain is starting up again, this time with thunder. I hope my BBQ outside on the patio doesn't rust.


Oh, I got a coupon for a free Jamba Juice smoothie in the mail today. It was addressed to resident. Something unexpected and good for once.

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Marsk Ong said...

Hi Tony

With regards to the person we talked about that you were trying to google:

I worked with her in 2002-2004; she was part of a student-senate committee called the International Student's Assembly. I was the PR Chairperson. From a professional standpoint, she is a very dedicated and reliable worker and puts work before personal matters.

I hope that whatever you read on my blog, that being personal, will not have any effect on your decision to interview her. If required, you can contact me for a professional reference.

Thank you.