Monday, April 10, 2006

Liar or Incompetent

Skilling Tells Enron Jury He's 'Innocent'

He repeated what he said twice before congressional panels in 2002, that Enron was "in very good condition in the middle of August (2001) when I left."

His lawyer, Daniel Petrocelli, asked if he had any clue that Enron would flame out in scandal less than four months later.

"Not in my wildest dreams, no. It's almost inconceivable now what happened," the ex-CEO said.

"Would you have left if you thought the company was going to experience the events that later transpired?" Petrocelli asked.

"No," Skilling replied matter-of-factly.


There is no way that a CEO would not know about something as big as the Enron collapse four months before it happened. He's either lying or incompetent as CEO. Skilling must have seen what was coming and jumped ship.

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