Saturday, May 28, 2005

Rosemead Cruise

I went with Shirley on Thursday night to Rosemead's farewell cruise where they invite current 4th year students and people returning for graduation on Friday. The dinner was on the Paradiso, a 85' yacht owned by Henry Cloud, as it cruised Newport Harbor. Since Shirley is graduating next year, she'll probably get invited again.

There were about 70 people on the boat and we had beef/chicken fajitas for dinner. Shirley even got to drive the yacht for about 20 minutes as we cruised near the harbor entrance. Evidently, the yacht is available for charter ($4,000/day) as is many of the large luxury yachts in Newport Harbor. We saw some pretty amazing boats on the water, including three very large yachts from Georgetown... I wonder how long that took and if they had to go through the Panama Canal.

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