Monday, May 30, 2005

Happy 88th Birthday

We went to see grandma today... it's her 88th birthday. She has recovered from the latest emergency and now she is back at the convalescent home. She was also much more coherent today, at least she knew my dad's and uncle's name; I don't think she recognized me but when my mom reminded her who I was, she remembered Nancy's name too (in Chinese of course). We also brought a cake so we sang "Happy Birthday" and took some pictures.

I also got to see cousin Stephanie today as well. She's finishing up her 1st year at UCLA... I think she was about 12 months old when I started my freshman year at UCLA many many years ago. I heard that the dorm food is not as terrible as I remembered but I only paid $300/month for room and board; it's about $1000/month now!

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