Monday, May 23, 2005

IVC Commencement

Irvine Valley College had their commencement ceremony last Friday. The Wind Symphony was asked to play the processional/recessional plus a musical piece. The ceremony started at 6pm and didn't finish until 7:45pm. I think this picture is the band playing "Army of the Nile" which was the concert piece. I'm not in the picture since I was probably still on a bus returning from Temecula after couple hours of wine tasting. I did manage to show up in time for the recessional piece; I don't think I was even warmed up after playing the song.

I've been to a lot of commencement ceremonies. I think the best speaker so far was Nicholas Cage at Shirley's graduation from CSU Fullerton.

What about artists� survival? I began to grow up. I�m now 12 and I�m going to school on a bus. Everyday I�m getting beat up by the older bully on the bus because he wants my hostess cupcake in my lunch bag. I�m skinny and weak and I can�t fight. I wake up in the morning and I decide to wear my older brother�s cowboy boots. I put some tight jeans on, I wear a pair of black sunglasses and I�m chewing my bubble gum with attitude. I slick back my hair and I get on the bus. �I�m not Nick,� I tell the boy. �I�m his cousin, Roy Wilkinson, and if you steal his cupcake again I�m going to have to come back here and kick your ass.�

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