Thursday, May 19, 2005

Broadcom Sues Qualcomm Over Patents

This could get ugly... Qualcomm has a lot of lawyers on staff.


Broadcom Sues Qualcomm for Alleged Patent Infringement, Files Trade Commission Complaint

IRVINE, Calif. (AP) -- Chip maker Broadcom Corp. said Thursday that it is suing wireless communications company Qualcomm Inc., and filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission over several patents covering wireless technology.

Broadcom said it filed two complaints against Qualcomm in a central California federal court for unspecified monetary damages, alleging that Qualcomm's current and next-generation wireless products infringe 10 Broadcom patents. The complaint also calls for a permanent injunction barring the manufacture and sale of infringing products.

The patents cover multimedia services like audio, video, data as well as communications capabilities. Broadcom said it was filing the suit as more wireless networks are upgrading their systems to handle the increased capacity for non-voice wireless applications.

The company filed a complaint with the ITC alleging that Qualcomm has engaged in unfair trade practices by importing integrated circuits and other products that infringe five Broadcom patents. The complaint calls for a cease and desist order against the trade practices.

Broadcom expects the ITC to begin an investigation in June and the California trial to begin in early 2006.

Qualcomm spokesman Jeremy James said he could not comment on the allegations as the company has not received copies of the court or ITC complaints.

Broadcom shares rose 10 cents to $35.47 and Qualcomm shares rose 8 cents to $36.63 in afternoon trading on the Nasdaq.

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