Friday, March 4, 2005


Sigh... there's nothing to eat again downstairs in the cafeteria. We contract out food services to Guckenheimer, which is a company that specializes in managing corporate cafeterias. The last company I worked for also used Guckenheimer to provide food services in all their cafeterias.

Last week, three of us went to the cafeteria, looked around without seeing anything appetizing, and decided to go out for lunch. On the way out, we were stopped by the cafeteria manager/chef. She wanted to know if we did not find anything we wanted to eat for lunch. One person in our group commented that the Asian recipes did not taste Asian at all to which the manager said that they couldn't cook like our moms and that we should send in our favorite recipes.

"Me make special won-ton soup for you..."

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hogsman said...

I wonder how many tuna melts our former boss has bought from Guckenheimer since we left...1000?