Sunday, April 6, 2014

Posting History

I received an email notice that someone left a comment on a blogpost from 2010 about CX885. I ended up reading all my posts about that 2 week Asia trip. Good thing I have this blog; I've forgotten most of the stuff I wrote.

On the right side of the blog page, there is an Archive section that shows number of posts by period:

► 2014 (8)
► 2013 (32)
► 2012 (211)
► 2011 (233)
► 2010 (417)
► 2009 (336)
► 2008 (349)
► 2007 (205)
► 2006 (159)
► 2005 (94)

Good thing I'm not paid per post or something since output has dropped significantly since 2012. I think after I stopped traveling to Asia and started new job (not much time to post if you're working 12 hours per day), my life has been about the same for the past two years... boring. I've given upon commenting about China since it's all repetitive and depressing, and most of my other posts have gone to my K-pop Tumblr or Facebook.

8 post for 3 months is pretty sad though...

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