Sunday, April 6, 2014

"New" Guitar

Ever since they dropped my old Ovation/Celebrity guitar at church and broke it in half, I'm down to only one guitar. I was thinking of getting a Taylor Baby/Big Baby/Mini GS but they're a bit expensive for non-solid body guitars. I mentioned this to a coworker and it turns out she has two old guitars that she wants to get rid of. She brought them into work on Friday and they both turned out to be beginner guitars:

Yamaha F325

The other one is a Fender Starcaster acoustic-electric with a Fishman CE301 pickup. I couldn't find any info listed on the Fender website but the guitar label said it was made in China... I'm leery about anything made in China. I stole the pic from an eBay listing.

The Yamaha (made in Indonesia) feels marginally better than the Fender so I will probably buy it from the coworker. I've already ordered some D'addario strings for it so the sound should improve. It does not have a pickup but I don't plan on using it on stage anyway.

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