Sunday, April 6, 2014

No Korean Concerts

I went online at 10am last Saturday trying to get LA K-pop Festival Tickets. After 50 minutes and 3 browsers later... nothing. Of course, now there are hundreds of listings on eBay for tickets, some as much as $350/pair. So much for free tickets. I was unsure about going even if I scored tickets; seeing K-pop concerts in large venues suck. Several years ago, there were still K-pop concerts at small venues. Sure, tickets were somewhat expensive but that keeps out all the screaming teenage fans.

In addition, KMF this year looks pretty lame too if you're a girls group fan. Only Dal-Shabet and Crayon Pop so far. Not sure how a "free" concert can have better performers than an expensive concert at Hollywood Bowl. I guess no live concerts for me... I'll watch the LA K-pop Festival streaming live on YouTube.

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