Thursday, December 1, 2011

Half The Sky and Chinese Government Spending

I've been supporting a charity called Half The Sky for several years. They support funding and training of full-time helpers for China's orphanages. Arguably this is something that the Chinese government should take more responsibility for. Anyway, I'm supporting a helper who takes care of a toddler boy who is missing his right forearm. HTS partners with various orphanages; while the Chinese government provides facilities and workers, HTS is supported by donations.

It's time to renew support ($600/year) but reading all the news about corruption and government abuse in China, it makes it very hard to make the decision. Money is fungible... if I donate to help fund social service in China, that leave more money for the Chinese government to hire internal security to beat up political prisoners, buy gifts for their bosses or ernais with tax money, or even invest in their space program that may eventually cause me to lose my job. The reality though is that most of the Chinese government doesn't give a sh*t about the smallest and weakest citizens, and the orphanages will remain underfunded. Sigh...

Latest news:

他喜欢到活动室玩,看见木马他会立即走过去,用左手握着手把,用右臂支撑着做好, 然后把左脚抬起来, 右脚点起来, 坐在上面前腰后仰的, 边摇边发出笑声来, 发扬嘴喜欢到户外活动, 看见五颜六色的花草, 他会用手轻轻地抚摸它们一下,然后拉着我的手对我说:“妈妈,花。”发扬喜欢到儿儿乐园玩滑梯,看见楼梯就向上爬,我牵着他的手,叫他把一只脚一只脚的抬起来上楼梯,就这样一梯一梯的伤,发扬走的满头大汗,但是他还是没有放弃,我一边牵着他一边给他加油:“发扬,加油,加油。”听了我的鼓励,发扬走的更起劲的,终于走上了楼梯,发扬站在楼梯上开怀大笑。

Translated (from Half The Sky):
Fayang is smarter and smarter. He has a great capacity to imitate our behaviors. He follows us and learned to call aunt, mum and dad. When I kiss his cheek, he will kiss back. I taught him to say hello and goodbye, he will clap his right hand with his left hand to welcome others to the room. When we sing the children's song, Fayang can join in the chorus and clap to the music. Fayang can walk by himself though not steadily and falls sometimes. He stands up immediately after he falls and keeps walking again.

He likes playing in the activity room. He will walk to the rocking horse at the sight of it. He sits on it by holding the handlebar with his left hand and supporting himself with his right hand. Then he raises his left foot and stomps his right foot, and laughs as he shakes his body with the movements of the rocking horse. Outdoor activities are his favorite. Once seeing the colorful flowers, Fayang will touch them and pull me to see it, saying "Mum, flower". He likes the slide in the children's playground. He will go upstairs at the sight of the slide. Taking hold of his hand, I teach him to go up the flights of the stairs step by step. He does not give up. I take him by his hand and encourage him with the words, "Fayang, come on! Come on!" Hearing the encouragement, Fayang tries his best to climb the stairs and finally he finishes the climbing, he bursts out in laughter at the top.


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