Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Naked Travel

Sort of. I'm at John Wayne Airport traveling to Toronto via San Francisco. This is the first time in many years (10?) that I'm not carrying a computer. Instead, I only have my iPad, which I'm using to post this (free wifi at JWA). Since this is a short trip (1 day, 2 nights), I won't be doing any work anyway. It is much harder to type on a touchscreen though... and I can't post any photos from my DSLR since there is no SD card reader.


It appears that I'm on an Airbus A319 for both legs of my flight. For some reason I thought I was on a CJR-700 from SNA to SFO.


Dang it. My flight is delayed 90 minutes. Good thing I have a ~3 hour layover in SFO. Hopefully my next flight won't be delayed too. Hmm, what to do for 2 hours in JWA...

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