Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How to say nothing in 500 words or less...

Global Times, one of the many English "news" sites run by the Chinese communist government, has an article regarding the terrible air quality in Beijing/China. Instead of talking about the real issues: dangerous levels of air pollutants and improper monitoring standards, it talks about politics.
Since the problem cannot be solved quickly, a consensus is needed. The government should play a key role. Local governments usually leave the impression of "playing down bad news" among the public, which makes many people exaggerate the gap between their feelings with the government's figures.

It is probably the same reason why the monitoring standard of the US Embassy is emphasized by netizens. That means local governments need to establish absolute authority over monitoring pollution without concealing information. If they are defeated by foreign embassies in this regard, they will lose more than just authority in monitoring air quality.

Heh, how is the CCP going to accomplish this?! Their entire political system is based on concealing information from the public.


I guess I've been lucky though. Each time I've been to Beijing, the weather has be either mostly clear, very windy, or raining. I have not experience anything close to "crazy bad" air, though a mysterious "fog" did roll in during the afternoon on our visit to the Olympic Park in 2008.

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