Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I uploaded a photo to Airlines.net a few days ago. They have lots of great photos of just about every airplane. I found out after uploading that all photo submissions are moderated which keeps out the crappy or mundane shots... I have lots of those. :)

My photo is still stuck in the moderation queue. It's probably the most unique shot I have so hopefully it gets posted.

Singapore Airlines A-380 landing at LAX


Anonymous said...

what are you doing up so early?

was it loud as it passed overhead? looks pretty close

totochi said...

I dunno, some guy keeps sending me emails... both my phones beep when new email is received.

I was probably 150 ft from the flight path. It was loud but it got much louder after it landed and the pilot put on the reverse thrust. I'm surprised parachutes didn't pop out from the back. You can feel the air being displaced as it went by. Ridiculous.

totochi said...

I was going to ask how you can read my blog... but then I remembered you're not in China.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen your name or submission in airliners.net yet.
When did you say you sent it?
Anyway, I hope you notice that there's not too many belly shots.
Just saying,

totochi said...

Hey Z,

Yeah, I should read the submission stuff more closely. My photo got rejected for 4 separate reasons. :) Guess they're not looking for "artistic" shots. From Imperial Hill, I'll need a much better (faster) lens to get cleaner shots.