Friday, November 11, 2011

LAX Reverse Flow

I went out to lunch today and saw that the planes taking-off and landing at LAX were going the other way, i.e, headed east. Normally due to wind direction, runways 24/25 are used (east to west) instead of 6/7. Too bad I don't have my camera (waiting for a new camera backpack) today; it would be interesting to see landings at Imperial Hill and take-offs at In'n'Out.

I looked online and could not find any real-time notifications on when (and why) this happens. It seems to be a pretty rare event.

I guess I can "watch" the planes land on FlightAware and tell which direction they're headed.


Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing yesterday and again today. You're right there is no information online as to why this is. I wonder, because yesterday and today are totally different wheather wise. Yesterday was clearer and not as windy..So I just wonder????? what's up..

Anonymous said...

It actually happens quite a bit (relatively). I would say roughly twice or three times a year. Lived and worked here going on 15 years now. Mostly it happens during inclement weather, but significant wind direction change will do it. The only notice you might get is if you call in to check on the current weather, or listen to their chatter. There's updated meteorology sites, but I think it shows it.