Saturday, October 1, 2011

SMS Scam

The problem with autopay is that I don't check my bills regularly. As long as I have some money in my account, all my bills are paid on-time. Tonight, I finally looked at my T-mobile bill and noticed a lot of text messages and a "premium" plan on my mom's phone line. Since I don't have a text plan, each incoming text costs me $0.20. My mom has been deleting the spam messages, not knowing that we get charged for them.

I called T-mobile customer service and they quickly removed the text message charges and the monthly "subscription" fee of $9.99. After some Googling on the text description (71528 and Directtoconsumer), it turns out to be a "service" that sends you text messages regarding all sorts of useless crap. I think what was charged to my bill was some sort of flirting tips or equally inane junk text. Seriously, what's my mom going to do with that?!

The company name associated with the text number is Pure Crush Flirting Alerts Subscription. I'm pretty sure it's a scam... i.e., they randomly charge people's phone accounts hoping that they wouldn't notice. Seriously, why can't these a$$holes get real jobs and contribute to society? With Internet access everywhere, who would pay $10 for useless crap sent to their phones? The major phone carriers are probably in on the scam as well since they get a cut of the billing. Lame.

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