Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Gaggle of A-380s

There are three Airbus A-380s in the photo. The big blue one is flight KE18 (Korean Airlines) taking-off for Incheon/Seoul. Right behind it, flight SQ12 (Singapore Airlines) just arrived from Narita/Tokyo and is pulling into gate 123, the only double-decker gate at LAX. If you look carefully, right behind the SQ A-380, you can see a red tail fin. That should be flight QF11 (Quantas Airways) that arrived from Sydney at 9:45am this morning.

According to Wikipedia, there are only 7 operators currently using the A-380. In addition to the three above (Singapore, Korean, Quantas), the list includes Air France, Emirates, Lufthansa, and China Southern. Hmm... my friends from Guangzhou all hate taking China Southern (only direct flight to/from LAX). Does this just mean more unhappy and/or rude Chinese people on each flight?

SQ12 mentioned above landing at LAX


I also saw a few Boeing 747s today. There are a lot more of them in service than the A-380s but they're still pretty impressive close up.

Evergreen flight 802 from Anchorage... probably a freight flight even though there are lots of windows on the main deck.

Polar Air flight 214, also from Anchorage. This is definitely a freighter since there are no windows other than on the top deck.

Lufthansa flight 456 from Frankfurt

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