Friday, October 14, 2011

Samsung TV + PS3

We bought a new TV last weekend from Costco. They had the Samsung 55" LED TV (non-3D) with a Blu-ray DVD player for $1500. The TV is pretty nice though I really wanted the 8000 series TV. Anyway, I tried to hook up my old fat 80GB PS3 to it and found out that the Samsung TV does not support 1280 x 720 mode (720p). Even though I set the PS3 to display 1920 x 1080, some games are not full HD and the box switches the HDMI output resolution down. On my old Vizio 42" TV, it displays everything without drama. Even the cheap ($130) Acer 21" LCD monitor I using for my PS3 works fine but the expensive new big TV just gives me a resolution error. How lame is that. It also doesn't like my dad's old KTV/DVD player. Once again, the composite video output works on all our other TVs but not on the Samsung. Finally, the audio out on the TV (I have it hooked up to an old Yamaha Dolby Pro Logic receiver/amp) only has 2 channel stereo signal so all the encoded surround data is lost.

I'm a bit disappointed that the detailed specs on the TV don't mention any of these missing features. Not being able to play non-1080p games really sucks. I've googled all over looking for a solution but have not found anything yet. Samsung needs to release a firmware update, though I'm not optimistic since the issue has been around for a few years and they have a lousy track record of updating the Android OS on their smartphones. Overall though, the picture quality is awesome, much better than my old Vizio so I guess we'll keep it.


Anonymous said...

your anonymous poster (and his kids) wants to know what you are going to do with your old tv?

totochi said...

Sorry, my parents have it in their bedroom now. Since it's the one they brought with them from Canada, I can't just take it.