Thursday, October 13, 2011

More OWS Thoughts

I heard and interview with some Occupy xxx people in Boston on NPR this morning. First, my political bias is more right than left so I'm not inclined to be sympathetic to their demands... even if they had one. What irked me this morning was their constant socialist, anti-corporate whining. To get their message out about how evil corporations are destroying society, they send out tweets on the Apple notebook computers and shoot videos to post on YouTube. Hello?! Do you think those things were invented/produced by a bunch of hippie on a commune?

Of course, the guy they interviewed was unemployed and probably got all his electronic gadgets from his parents. Did they work for any of these evil corporations? They also talk about their "village" like some kind of utopia where everyone volunteers their time and energy, and decisions are made in a general assembly twice a day. Sounds good on paper but as we learned to ask in business school (does having a MBA make me evil too?), does it scale? Can we have the entire population sit around and do nothing but meet all day?

If all this sounds vaguely familiar, it's because this experiment has been done before... it's called communism. Let's see how this works. Eventually the "village" will discover that some people have to do work or they will all starve. The leaders of the "leaderless village" or "people's republic" will start making rules and giving orders. Mysteriously, the people making the rules will be exempt from doing work and if anyone complains, they will be branded as "running dogs of the capitalist imperialists" and thrown in jail. Finally every villager becomes poorer except for the new leaders and their friends but no one knows because the Internet and mass media has long been restricted and only propaganda and filtered news is allowed. Did I miss anything?

Another thing that bothers me (there are lots) is the media coverage of OWS and all lefty protests. I'm not a Tea Party person but I agree with their call for less government spending. I'm not the 1% that the OWS bitches about all the time but I may be in the 10% of people that pay 70% of all the taxes. Anyway, media coverage of Tea Party protests have been mainly negative even though they're mostly peaceful, yet the OWS protests are getting favorable coverage even though there's pervasive references to violence and anarchy.

Don't they know the first people that will be thrown in jail in the "new society" will be journalists?

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