Monday, October 20, 2008

JeepSpeed - Tearing Out the Interior

On Saturday, we met at Randy's parent's house to strip out the interior of our JeepSpeed Cherokee. The plan was to remove everything possible from the interior but keeping the electrical system intact so the truck will still run.

It was a beautiful day for gutting the truck

Before - exterior

Before - interior

Randy's dad helping with the seat belt anchor bolts. They were very difficult to remove. We ended up busting two Torx bits with a compressed air impact wrench.

Working on the front half of the truck

After - interior

Trash pile

Instrument cluster

The truck was originally from Illinois so there is some rust damage on the floorboards. Randy already welded some steel plates over the rusted area.

Randy's dad helping us again. This time he removed the heating (engine coolant) and air conditioning (freon) lines to the ventilation unit so we can remove it from the interior.

Next step is to get someone to install the roll cage, buy a fuel cell, and start working on the suspension upgrades. We also have to remove the windshield. I tried prying the edges with a screwdriver and managed to chip the edge of it. We may end up smashing it... woohoo!

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