Friday, October 31, 2008

Canada Pictures

I'm back home after a 4 day business trip to Toronto. For a city of ~3 million people, there's a lot of traffic. I also found that there are plenty of aggressive drivers, contrary to the image of Canadians being more laid back than Americans. Maybe it's all the new immigrants driving like crazy.

The flight back from YYZ to LAX was delayed by about 30 minutes. It's a new route for AA so the flight was pretty empty; most people had the row to themselves. I used to think the 5 hour flight was long but it's nothing compared to 14+ hour flights to Hong Kong.

Hotel room - the bed was pretty comfortable.

Day 1 of meetings. There was a lot of reading from PowerPoint slides.

The AMD/ATI building in Markham. There are several other buildings next door for the graphics card division of AMD/ATI (which we didn't buy).

View from 9th floor hotel room. OK, I change my mind about working from Canada.

My crappy rental car. It was a Pontiac G5 and I didn't like it. I'll need to make sure I rent/lease a Japanese car when I finally move up to Canada.

It took 5 minutes to brush off the snow and scrape the ice off the windows.

Yes... 0°C in October.

View from the Broadcom DTV building. You can see CN Tower on a clear day. Growing up, I was able to see the CN Tower from by bedroom window in Mississauga.

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