Friday, October 17, 2008


I have been cat-sitting for Shirley for the past three weeks. She just picked up her cat yesterday. I'm normally allergic to cats but for the first week, I was fine. However, starting the second week, I started coughing more from an itchy throat. I didn't know that was also a symptom of allergies. Anyway, it got pretty bad earlier this week; a few people on my floor at work asked if I was the mysterious cougher they keep hearing. I'm still taking Claritin and now that the cat is gone, I'm feeling a bit better. I spent most of last night vacuuming and changing the bed sheet.

She like to lie down on the few tiles that I have in my apartment. Maybe it keeps her cool.

She also likes the bathroom sink. Even though she has a water dish, she likes to drink from running water. However, she will only drink if you cup the water with your hands and this became a daily ritual. Since there are a lot of allergens in cat saliva, this didn't help my allergies.

Hiding under the futon. I was using my dad's Sony DSLR to shoot these pics; this one I took blind since I couldn't look into the eyepiece with the camera on the floor.

Overall, it was a good learning experience taking care of a cat. I'm pretty sure I don't ever want a cat as a pet in the future.


Anonymous said...

great. now i know you can take care of our cat "Scratch" also. he has much longer hair and will walk over your face while your sleeping whenever he is hungry

Steve L. said...

Nice pictures! I'm not a cat person, but that one in the sink and under the bed are really good!