Monday, July 30, 2007

Sound Check

Hmm, during sound check this morning, the sound engineers told me to turn down my bass amp volume on stage. The dial ended up at less than 1/2 the gain even though I couldn't hear myself too well; I had it cranked all the way up during rehearsal on Thursday. It's still better than my old Peavey combo amp but not sure if it's worth the ~$600 I spent. I guess I'll hold off on a preamp until I get a rack case.

Also, the drummer asked during sound check if we can turn down the bass in our monitor mix since he can hear all my mistakes. Sigh... I think I played better for the actual worship service but it was a bit discouraging nevertheless. :(

1 comment:

sam said...

Actually, you did play good. I didn't hear any mistake. I was at the service listening to everything very closely. April and Alex turn you up pretty good. So we can hear you okay.