Friday, July 6, 2007

1 vs 100

I'm watching this game show on NBC where one contestant goes up against 100 people (the Mob) and answer multiple choice (3 choices) questions. At each stage, the contestant gets more money per wrong answer by the Mob. Anyway, a new contestant comes up (from Tustin!) and the first questions was:

Which one has the least number of cells?
A. Eastern Gray Squirrel
B. Calista Flockhart
C. Amoeba

The contestant had no idea what an amoeba was so she had to use a "help" which meant that she would go with the most popular answer. Of course the answer was amoeba but 11 out of the 100 got it wrong. I thought we learned this stuff in junior high school biology.

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hogsman said...

well, calista flockhart IS very thin...