Friday, July 27, 2007

Bass Rig

This is my current setup:

- Yamaha RBX250 4-string bass (from 1992)
- BBE DI-100x direct box
- Carvin DMC1000 amp
- Eden D210T cabinet

I'm a bit disappointed in the volume during rehearsal. The setup is not very loud but should be sufficient for monitoring purposes since I'm also sending signal to the main house system. I think it's because the impedance of the cabinet is 8 ohms which drop my amp to 225W per channel RMS. I plugged my amp into a 4x10 cab in the ministry center and it was much louder. Also, since my bass has passive pickups and BBE DI is not a real preamp, I'm probably not sending enough signal to the amp. I either need to get a better preamp or bridge the amp which should double the power output.

I'm going to leave it for now. The next purchase needs to be a rack case since I'm carting the amp around in the original Carvin cardboard box. :(

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