Thursday, April 5, 2007


Crazy! Evidently there is a blog post on in China ( about my blog post on Jane Zhang's concert. I haven't read any of it (since it's in simplified Chinese), but someone copied my post and translated it into Chinese (message #24).

At first I thought, "Hey, this is cool!"

My next thought was, "Hey, I'm Chinese... I could have written my own post in Chinese!"

OK, maybe not.


closetmusician said...

damn, wow how did you even find that baidu post in the first place??!! damn i'm impressed. did you use baidu search?

totochi said...

No, a friend of a friend in China saw it. Search?! I can hardly read the posts... :)

Anonymous said...

No worry here.Jane's fans were looking for comments about her solo concert in NA, and found yours and another two blogs. Since not everyone can read English well, some fans took the liberty to translate yours into Chinese. Cheers :)