Saturday, April 28, 2007


I just booked my airline tickets to China for next month. My friend Leon goes over to Chengdu for week-long business trips every 6-8 weeks so I'm tagging along this time. I was hoping the company would send me to Singapore but it looks like my new job doesn't require much travel so I'm paying the $1200 myself.

The last time I was in China was in 1998 when I gave several finance seminars at Yenching University in Beijing. Since then, I've been to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, but never made it back to China. This time, we're flying Cathay Pacific and I have a 24 hour layover in Hong Kong. I haven't decided if I'm going to take a ferry to Macau or take the MTR to Hong Kong Island while Leon visits some relatives.

In Chengdu, we're staying at the Prime Hotel. I hope their service is better than their Engrish.
Prime Hotel is located in the most numerous trade circle of Chunxi Road in Chengdu City, which is an international trade and tourist hotel. Since the foundation of it in Dec. 1998, relying on the trade chances of Chunxi Road and many surrounding modern departments, advantageous port, flexible operative mode and creative and perfect service, Prime Hotel has created the lodging rate of 80%, which has been the leader of the hotels in this city for two times. Prime Hotel has been a bark horse in Chengdu.


Darryl said...

whats a bark horse?

totochi said...

The Chinese text says "dark" horse which is still pretty weird for marketing copy.

Randy said...

Hey Tony, I just thought you might be interested in this. Chinese signs are hilarious!,2933,265263,00.html