Saturday, March 31, 2007

張靚穎 Concert

I just got back from Jane Zhang's concert at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The concert was great; she has an awesome voice and she's pretty cute as well. However, we probably had the worst seat in the house. The sound and lighting people set up their equipment in the middle of the orchestra section and our seats were in the row right behind them. We tried grabbing empty seats elsewhere but got bumped twice and we ended back in our original seats. The auditorium was not designed for a rock/pop concert format and they had nowhere to put the mixing board.

There was a live band on stage but they only played for the English songs. All the music for the Chinese songs were played from a CD. I think one of the sound guys was responsible for playing the right CD track and recording the concert on a CD recorder. He played the wrong CD track once (he played a song she already sang) and they had to stop and start again with the right song. Pretty funny... if you're not the sound guy. :)

Outside the auditorium before the concert... lots of people from Mainland China.

Sound equipment (and boba milk tea) which we got to see all night.

Banner on stage. She's really into dolphins. Not sure what the bottom row of Chinese characters say.

First outfit.

Second outfit. She took two breaks and we thought she was going to change again, like a Chinese wedding, but she came out for the third set with the same clothes.

I also recorded video for 4 songs with my camera. The video quality is crap since the place was so dark but the sound was really loud so it recorded okay. Each file is ~100MB so I need to figure out how to paste/share the video files.


Update: My first upload to YouTube

Loving You: the song with all the high notes.

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