Saturday, March 31, 2007

Infernal Affairs

I just downloaded and watched Infernal Affairs, a Hong Kong movie from 2002. Shirley actually had all three movies (IA2 and IA3) on her Mac several years ago but with Chinese subtitles (the dialog is in Cantonese). This time I also downloaded English subtitles so I could follow the plot.

The movie was really good; it pretty much won every award for both the Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards that year. Infernal Affairs was remade into The Departed last year by Martin Scorsese and it won four Oscars. I wonder how many American moviegoers knew they were watching a remade Chinese movie.

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closetmusician said...

dude, you finally watched it? infernal affairs was like the best movie out of asian cinema (well, at least mandarin cinema) for the last 2-3 yrs. 1 and 2 were absolutely excellent, 3 was stretching it though, wasn't nearly as good. it actually eerily parallels the Godfather in that sense, certainly I think the best mob movies in the last couple years.

I still haven't see the departed. How was it?