Saturday, March 31, 2007

Chinese K-TV

Last Sunday, my parents and I met with their friend for lunch; she was the realtor that sold my house in Brea last year. After lunch, we went to visit her son's home in Walnut. He had some crazy K-TV system that had 18,000 songs stored and we ended up singing Chinese songs. I was surprised by how many songs I recognize just from listening to my dad practice at home all these years. I even tried to sing one but couldn't read the characters fast enough; a couple of people had to help read out the lyrics before I could sing them. :(

This was the song I was trying to sing. The original arrangement on the CD is mainly guitar... maybe I can figure out the chords and accompany myself. I have the chords to another C-pop song (愛相隨 by 周華健) so I'm practicing that one too.

解脫 by 張惠妹

愛是不夜城 回憶像星辰
熱淚越沸騰 我越感覺有點冷
變了心的人 越想越傷人
枯坐到清晨 陽光替房間開了燈

想 若結局一樣又何苦再想
傷 若讓人成長

解脫 是肯承認這是個錯
你有自由走 我有自由好好過

解脫 是懂擦乾淚看以後
這世界遼闊 我總會實現一個夢


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Kwok said...


I love the song 爱相随 by 周华建(Emil Zhou). You could let me know the chords, could you?

I wanna play it for my gf coz she loves Emil Zhou too :-)