Monday, January 8, 2007


I went up to Portland during New Year's weekend to visit my sister and Rebecca. It was pretty last minute but I managed to get round-trip tickets from SNA to PDX for $270. The plan was to hang out for a couple of days and then drive to Bend, Oregon and ski a couple of days at Mt. Bachelor.

The trip up to Portland was pretty uneventful. A co-worker dropped me off at John Wayne airport (I hate LAX) after work on Wednesday and I got to PDX around 10pm. They were serving warm cookies and ridiculously small cartons of milk.

We were preparing for year-end accounting close at work so I spent the next day working from my sister's house and getting to know their dog better.

My sister's new car: Subaru Outback. It was like visiting another dimension where everyone was Caucasian (except me and my sister) and drove Subarus. Almost every other car on the road was a Subaru and they all had either Thule (check) or Yakima overhead storage units.

The drive from Portland to Bend was about 4 hours. My sister rented a large townhouse 5 miles outside of Bend. It was a really nice place with two master bedrooms. We ended up only skiing one day; I was really tired and my lower legs were bruised by my boots. The rest of the time we just stayed in the house, watching the Rose Bowl and DVDs. It was good to spend time with family during the holidays.

The base lodge at Mt. Bachelor

The weather was excellent but got windy near the top of the mountain

Me and my Columbia Sportswear ski threads (Columbia outlets are everywhere in Oregon... and no sales tax!)

Flying into LAX at noon... check out the layer of smog!


ocgal22 said...

Is that the same size milk carton that they serve kids in school? Those were the days! :)

totochi said...

I wasn't even done with the post and you already left a comment... bored at work?

ocgal22 said...

Caught me! You know, when we flew into LAX last month, we were actually sort of happy to see the smog (not that I like smog, more along the lines of the "familiar" layer of smog of LA). :)

Michelle said...

tony! I was wondering how you've been so I dug through some email's and found your blog :-) Ahh.. skiing a sport you introduced me to. I hope to go skiing next year, doesn't look like this year is going to happen. Give me a ring next time you are near UCLA.