Thursday, January 18, 2007

KISS - Because I'm A Girl

My friend Leon commented on how the SeeYa music videos (below) were so depressing. I think it's all tied into the whole depressing Korean drama theme. Anyway, the first Korean music video I saw was by a group called KISS (not the Gene Simmons one) which got me into K-pop and J-pop. At least no one died in this one.

One thing I've always wondered about is the magazine cover (at 6:37 in the video). The girl's picture is on the cover but the title of the magazine is AUTOMOBILE and there is an article about date rape. It's probably just a prop for the video but still weird...

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closetmusician said...

wow, i saw this video my sr year, that was like 3 yrs ago? completely randomly i just had a conversation about this video w/ another friend. now, while no one died, the question is - are you willing to carve out your eyes for some girl? i'm not.