Friday, January 26, 2007

In Case of Emergency

ABC has a new show this season called In Case of Emergency (ICE). Without cable, I've been mostly watching videos on my computer. I managed to download the first four episodes of ICE, mainly because of Kelly Hu. :) I watched the pilot episode and it's pretty good.

She's almost 39!

There is one scene where they explain the title of the show.
Do you know what the weirdest thing about divorce is? It's going to the doctor. There's always that question on that form that they make you fill out, who to contact in case of emergency. Yeah, when you're a kid it's simple, right? It's mom or dad. Then you get married and it's, it's simple again. You just automatically have a name to write down, that person you assumed would be there, forever. Now I see that question and I don't know who the hell to write anymore.

Sigh... I've been writing down my sister's name but she's a thousand miles away in Portland.

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leon chiu said...

Hey Tone Loc,

i can get to your blog from China but not to for the news.

i guess Kelly Hu is not a subversive element.