Thursday, October 20, 2005

Testing the Treo, Part 2

This is a test from my work email account to Blogger.

Hmm, how am I going to charge my mp3 player if I don't bring a computer? The
13.5-hour flight from LAX-BKK will wipe out the 10-hour battery charge. Speaking
of which, my cube mp3 player is busted again. I'll have to upload the
firmware again.


Arg, the line breaks are obviously not working. Yahoo! Mail puts them in too early and Goodlink Mail puts them in too late. Did I mention it was hard to type on the Treo's little keyboard? Also, I just noticed that Yahoo! Mail ignored my apostrophes... I'm sure I typed "I'm" instead of "Im".

I think I will go with the low-tech solution of bringing a notebook (paper) and take notes each night and update the blog when I get back.

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