Monday, October 17, 2005

NewSong Day

Today was an all NewSong day. I was supposed to help out with sound production this morning at 6:30am. When I woke up, it was sunny and about 8am. It turned out I forgot to turn the sound back on on the Treo; I use the Treo as my alarm clock. I jumped up out of bed, brushed my teeth, and was at NewSong NOC in about 15 minutes. Good thing I wasn't the lead audio technician this morning.

After the service, Dave took a bunch of us out to an Italian buffet lunch and then we all drove to Irvine to help unload the truck. It's pretty quick with a couple of people helping but takes forever if you're by yourself, especially unloading the dual 18" subwoofer cabs. I also signed up for Connections class, needed for membership, at 5pm so a couple of people came to my house to hang out. The meeting was at a couple's new house in Buena Park; it's so new that both Yahoo! and Google maps didn't have their address yet. We had more Italian food and found out about NewSong's history and vision/direction. I signed up to be a member but now I have to answer a long list of questions about my faith and spiritual beliefs.

I got to talk to the site pastor, Brian Kim, for a bit tonight and he wants to meet me for lunch later to talk about financial budgeting and reporting. Interestingly, that's really the first time any pastor has asked me about the topic (even when I was a deacon at CCCSB), though it's what I do at work most of the time. I think churches are overly-concerned when talking about money. Of course the church is not a business out there trying to turn a profit. However, tools we learned in business school and use at work can be applied to long-term financial forecasting and spotting trends. Anyway, I'll need to brush up on budgeting and planning for non-profit organizations.

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