Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gina, is that your real name?

Got this gem in the junk email folder:
From: Gina Rinehart (

My Dear Friend and Partner,

Greetings to you my Dear Beloved, my name is Gina Rinehart, a great citizen of Australia,born in Perth, Western Australia,I have a mission for you worth ($200,000,000.00) Two Hundred Million Dollars which I intend to use for CHARITY.Please reply if interested by clicking the reply button.

God Bless You.
Gina Rinehart

I hate it when people don't put a space (ONLY ONE SPACE!) after punctuation.


Anonymous said...

i know the ONLY ONE SPACE comment was for me.don't you hate it when people don't use capital letters at the beginning of a sentence.your loyal anonymous reader is still waiting for the passcode for the other girl's website.

Anonymous said...

by the way,

aren't these people even trying anymore:

Gina Rinehart (

isn't .br brazil or something like that. i think au is australia. br is brazil.

why is Gina Rinehart marcia.medina?

don't these guys even try anymore? or is it just computer generated.

totochi said...

I must have made an impression on Adriana... she wrote me three times. The exact same message but with different links.


Seriously though. Don't blame me if you click and get some nasty virus.

hogsman said...


Anonymous said...

adriana will u stop sending me emails and linking me your website to look at u i dont know u and im a girl i hope u get this cause u send me hundred emails of the same oes your going to move down here u have been single for 3 months and u want me to show u around u got the wrong person for real lol so can u stop sending me emails this is why your getting no reply cause u got the wrong email.....