Saturday, October 6, 2012

Computer Shuffle

Now that the wifi is working well on my MacBook Air, I think I'll use it as my primary portable computer, which means I'll probably transfer all my photos and mp3's from the desktop PC. At least this will make the pain of paying Apple $300 for an additional 128GB on the SSD a bit less.

This then frees up my Mac mini (OS X 10.6.8) which I'll probably attach to the Samsung TV at home. I'll need to teach my parents how to use a Mac; they've only used Windows before. This also frees up my Sony Vaio notebook (Windows Vista) and my Asus netbook. The OS X install on the netbook wasn't that successful; I'm still at 10.6.0 and audio messes up when you unplug the AC adapter. Just to add another OS to the mix, I'm downloading Ubuntu 12 and will attempt to install that on the netbook. This should be easy since a lot of smaller netbooks ship with Ubuntu.

Not sure what to do with the Sony Vaio and the old Dell 17" laptop (Windows XP!) that will be displaced by the Mac mini. Maybe I can install Windows 8.


hogsman said...

if you ever want to donate any of your old computers, i know that there are families at our school who could use them. but i know that they're like a working collection for you, so i imagine they'd be hard for you to part with.

totochi said...

The problem is that I shuffle them around so much that the ones at the end of the chain are old and slow. I have 2 Dell laptops that I can give up. They're both on WinXP but have wifi and decent memory. Not sure if they can run Win7. If you think they're interested in 4-5 year old computers, I'll clean them up.

hogsman said...

thanks for the offer -- they would be used mainly for doing elementary homework online and printing out assignments, so they sound like they would work fine. the one family we knew of that needed one said they were going to micro center this weekend to look at some refurbished equipment. i'll let you know if they ended up buying a computer or if they could still use one of your laptops.