Thursday, June 14, 2012

Trojan.happili and Vacations To Go

About a month ago I posted my experience with Trojan.happili and how it hijacked my mom's computer. One of the apparent beneficiary of the malware was Vacations To Go (VTG); all the links for Royal Caribbean Cruises ended up at their website. I wrote a letter to VTG's CEO and got no response. I also unsubscribed to their email newsletter a month ago but I'm still receiving them, personally signed by the CEO. I'm not even going to try to unsubscribe again since it seems like Vacations To Go has no sense of business ethics; I'll just have to block their entire domain from my email. What a bunch of scumbags.

Again, there's a chance that VTG wasn't involved, which means someone wrote a trojan that redirects links to benefit VTG without their knowledge. Yeah, right. You would think they would at least reply to my email. Now I'm doubly glad that I didn't book my cruse through VTG.

Some common sense business tips:
- don't use viruses to hijack your customer's computer
- don't sign your name to email newsletters then ignore customer replies
- don't continue spamming your customers after they unsubscribed from said spam

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