Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4th, 1989

In commemoration, here is the list of search terms blocked by Sina Weibo as reported in China Digital Times:
As of June 4, the following search terms are blocked on Weibo (not including the “search for user” function):

Individual Chinese characters:
fire (火): as in candle flame (烛火), torch (火炬), oil lamp (圣火)
candle (烛): as in [wax] candle (蜡烛), candlelight (烛光); Sina Weibo removed the candle emoticon over the weekend.
blood (血): as in bloody suppression (血腥镇压), bloody incident (流血事件)
people (民): as in People’s Liberation Army (人民解放军), democracy (民主)
movement (运): as in democracy movement (民运), student movement (学运)
move (动): as in student movement (如学生运动), memorial event (悼念活动), mobilize troops (出动军队)
government (政): as in Fang Zheng(方政), regimental commissar (团政委), one-party dictatorship (一党专政)
crush (碾): as in Fang Zheng‘s legs were crushed (方政被碾断双腿), crush and destroy (碾毁)
tǎn (坦): as in tank (坦克)
ceremony (祭): as in ceremony for Tiananmen victims (祭奠六四遇难者)

Numerals and Words Related to the Date of the Tiananmen Massacre:
8, 8 (八), eight (捌), eight: All forms of “eight” and other forms of the numbers below.
9, 9 (九), nine (玖), nine
6, 6 (六), six (陆), six
4, 4 (四), four (肆), four
23, 23 (廿三), 23 (二十三): Today is the 23rd anniversary of the massacre.
35, 35 (三十五): Netizens call today May 35th to get around the censors.

Other Related Terms:
anniversary (周年)
today (今天): searching for today’s date.
yesterday (昨天)
tomorrow (明天)
that year (那年): netizen code for 1989.
declaration (宣言): as in “Hunger Strike Declaration” (绝食宣言)
commemorate (纪念): commemorate 6.4 [as Tiananmen is frequently referred to] (纪念六四), Heroes Monument (英雄纪念碑), etc.
redress (平反): recall 6.4
Victoria Park (维园): An annual candlelight vigil is held in Hong Kong’s Victoria Park to remember the Tiananmen massacre.
park (公园)
recall (追思)
mourn (悼念): as in mourn 6.4
silent tribute (默哀)
evening event (晚会)
black clothes (黑衣): Netizens called for people to walk in the streets wearing black clothes to remember Tiananmen.
go into the street (上街)
never forget (勿忘): as in never forget 6.4 (勿忘六四), never forget the national calamity (勿忘国难)
never forget (毋忘): same as above
(Tian)anmen Mothers ((天)安门母亲)
Little Secretary (小秘书): as in the Sina Weibo “Little Secretary”
Twitter (推特): Chinese-language tweets tend to be democracy activists. During sensitive times, many share information about gatherings.
ism (主义): as in “overthrow socialism” (推翻社会主义)
autonomous (自治): as in “Peking University Student Government”(北大自治会)

Names of People Active in Tiananmen:
Bei Dao (北岛): On the eve of the Tiananmen Massacre, poet Bei Dao submitted a plea for political reform to the central government.
Yuan Mu (袁木): Former State Council Information Office spokesman and apologist for the regime. In April 1989 he spoke with 45 students in 16 high schools.
Deng Liqun (邓力群): leftist influence within the Party
Chen Xitong (陈希同): then-mayor of Beijing. He recently said Tiananmen was an avoidable tragedy.
Yan Jiaqi (严家其): sociology student who went into exile in the U.S
Han Dongfang (韩东方): Capital Autonomous Workers Federation leader during Tiananmen
Feng Congde (封从德): retested
Zhai Weimin (翟伟民): major player in the Capital Autonomous Federation of University Students
Chen Ziming (陈子明): currently a contributing writer to Deutsche Welle’s “China Observer” column


Anonymous said...

this is a joke right?

how do you censor numbers?

Anonymous said...

did you see that the Shanghai composite dropped 64.89 points on 06/04/2012 last week? the censors started blocking "stock market, shanghai composite index, shanghai stock market".

maybe next year the CCP will just skip the day. it will automatically skip to June 5th, and the extra day can be made up with a June 31st to get back on schedule.