Saturday, December 25, 2010

Little Fat Sheep

We went to a hot pot place in Hacienda Heights for dinner. I think I've been there once before but they moved to a new location within the same shopping plaza. It's more of a Taiwanese style hot pot place so it's different from restaurants in Chengdu.

Since there were 5 + 2 of us, we ordered two separate pots. This is the half/half pot with original and spicy soups.

My parents and I just got the regular soup base. The spicy soup base is also different from what we had in Chengdu, which is more of a spicy oil than soup.

We ordered only one serving of each ingredient and shared it across both pots.

The soup base has some Chinese medicine stuff in it but was pretty good. We managed to finished almost all the food we ordered. The total bill came out to ~$120; in Chengdu, four of us had hot pot for dinner and it only cost ~$20.

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