Friday, December 31, 2010

4Runner Fixed

I picked up my 4Runner earlier today. I had brought it in two weeks ago and the diagnosis were bad U-joints. Well, the vibration got really bad a few days ago while we were in Torrance. I managed to get the car home, driving 50 mph on the freeway, and dropped it off yesterday at my new mechanic's shop. He was able to get new U-joints without having to buy a new driveshaft so the final bill was ~$450, including the initial diagnosis cost. I just drove it home and it seemed fine. He showed me the old U-joints that lasted ~135,000 miles. The roller bearings were all shot so the joints did not rotate freely thus causing the vibration.

Next project: fix/replace the inside wheelwell cover on the Z.

If anyone is looking for a good mechanic in OC, I recommend Andy.

Socal Motorworks

808 W. Angus Ave Suite B
Orange, CA 92868

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