Friday, December 10, 2010

Blown Tire and Stupid Drivers

I hit a blown tire driving home tonight. It not that big of a deal if I was driving the 4Runner but I was driving the Z today and it felt like I hit a rock. After I got home, I saw a huge black mark on my front air dam... not sure if it's rubber from the tire or if the paint job got rubbed off.

At first I thought it was another truck tire. However, as I got close to my exit on the toll road, I saw a car stopped in the right lane. All along the toll road, I was noticing a lot of debris being kicked up on my car. Well, it appears that this car, an older model Lexus LS, had blown it's front left tire, probably the one that I ran into 10 miles ago. The wheel was on its bare rims and I could tell that it's been scraping the road surface for miles. The car itself was smoking like crazy, probably due to the heat of driving on its rims. Crazy... and stupid.

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hogsman said...

you and i must've been going home at about the same time -- i was behind a car that was driving on rims going from jamboree to the toll road. it was going at a pretty high rate of speed and throwing off a lot of sparks. i didn't catch the make and model of the car, though.