Monday, April 28, 2008

Portland Trip

I went up to Portland to visit my sister's family this past weekend. To conserve my vacation days for China, I took off from work at around 3:30pm to catch a late afternoon flight and returned on the early flight this morning. I got back to the office around 9:45am which is pretty much my normal time. We didn't have anything specific planned for the weekend; I just hung out and relaxed.

OSU Beavers plane... why?!

Addison and her new hat

We went to the Portland zoo Saturday afternoon. The zoo was pretty small compared to the San Diego zoo... no pandas either. There was a petting zoo with some goats and sheep; this one got too close and scared Addison a little bit.

This is the only decent dim sum place in all of Portland. We rushed to get out of the house at 9:30am Sunday morning and arrived at around 10am. This is the line to get in the restaurant as it opened. Crazy. I think we managed to get one of the last open tables. When we left at 11am, there were lots and lots of people waiting for tables. Seems that there may be a market for a second decent dim sum restaurant.

Unfortunately, this is representative of the typical Chinese restaurant (plus lounge!) in Portland. Hung Far Low... since 1928!

Hey, is it nighttime already?

We went for a nice walk in the woods after dinner Sunday. This is literally around the corner from my sister's house. They told me they tried to cut across the woods (to the right) to get to a Starbucks and got totally lost. This is inside the city of Portland.

Waiting to take off in typical Portland weather. I got to the airport at 6:15am for a 7:00am flight. Like at John Wayne Airport, my AAdvantage Platinum card let me cut into the first class line so I got to my gate in ~5 minutes.

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