Wednesday, April 30, 2008

2008 Global Energy & Power Forum

I went to a forum at UCLA yesterday. For a cleantech gathering, I ended up driving 100+ miles round-trip in my Z, probably burning 5+ gallons of premium unleaded. Actually, traffic was not too bad on the 405 until I got to Venice Blvd. It took about 90 minutes to drive up but I managed to get home in about 40 minutes.

John Turner from NREL; he probably had the most interesting presentation.

The event was held at the Tom Bradley International Hall and the event coordinator said that over 300 people showed up. There was not really a theme since the speakers talked about their own stuff but most of it was marginally connected to cleantech. The speakers blew through lots of slides in about 90 minutes. They even had people from the Turkish and Kenyan consulate speak. Afterwards, they had a Toyota Prius that had its gasoline engine converted to run on hydrogen. It emits no CO2 and just a bit of NOx but the engine was pretty noisy.

Here's a shot of the audience. I can see myself... checking email on my Treo! :)

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Darryl said...

One of the engineers used to work with the founder of Wrightspeed, who brought the X1 prototype to our office in San Jose for lunch one day:

Amazing car - we all wanted joyrides, but unfortunately the charge on the batteries were only good for 100 miles... The car was really quiet and took off like a rocket! Kind of eerie, actually, a cross between a golf cart and a rocket.